CTG Red Week 2021

Combatives Training Gear Red Week - Save up to 30 % from an order volume of one euro.

We are starting our Combatives Training Gear Red Week today.

You have now the chance to order the best Stuff for your Combatives-, Krav Maga-, Selfprotection- or Selfdefense-Training and you can save up to 30% from an order value of one euro.

Maybe you need for Christmas a gift or for the upcoming winter a nice Hoodie or a Training-Shirt? Some new Training Pads, to bring up your Training on a new level?

The red week ends on 30/11/2021 or before, if the warehouse is empty;).

From an order value of one euro, the first 30 customers will receive a 30% discount.

The 30 % discount code is:


If you are not among the first 30 customers, you will receive a discount of 20% from the first euro order value.

The 20% discount code is:


(All bundles and vests are excluded)

There is also free insured shipping:

- in Germany from 100 euros
- for EU countries and UK from 200 euros
- for the rest of the world from 500 euros

So secure our offers now.

For questions, just let us know.


CTG Team